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I will be writing a series on how to map Governance and Management Questions to COBIT 5 Enterprise Goals. The series will attempt to answer most of the governance and management questions/concerns relating to the governance of enterprise IT. There are over twenty generic governance and management questions in COBIT 5 framework, which speak to stakeholder needs/expectations and effort will be made to answer them using COBIT 5 enterprise goals. COBIT 5 goals cascade (figure 1 below) demonstrates how Enabler Goals (a.k.a. Process Goals or Business Pain Points) links to IT related Goals and how IT related Goals links to Enterprise Goals, which then links to Stakeholder Needs and eventually Stakeholder Drivers.

Stakeholders in COBIT 5 framework are business owner, investor/business partner, employees, customers, major suppliers as applicable.

Follow the series on #COBIT5GovernanceQuestionsSeries Hashtag and please do not hesitate to ask questions or share expert knowledge that will improve the discus for the benefit of ALL.


COBIT 5 Governance & Management Question #1 (How do I Get Value from Use of Information Technology) >>>>,276.0.html
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