Author Topic: Any solution for client IP capturing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 audit trail -CRM  (Read 2803 times)


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Are there solutions or compensatory controls for capturing internal client IP address in Dynamics 365 CRM audit trail for clients who use  cloud based Dynamics 365 CRM (Azure) from their organizational network. By design, audit trail of MS Dynamics CRM captures ongoing IP address (i.e. public IP) of the clients network in the CRM audit trail for all users accessing the application, which can be meaningless when investigating cases of users repudiating activities performed using their account either deliberately (for cover up of unauthorized activities) or genuine case of compromise. As such, to prove the cases beyond reasonable doubt and hold the abuser responsible/accountable, the location or machine/workstation from where such activities was carried out on the CRM is critical and only internal IP information on the audit trail can provide lead on how or who carried out the activity.

In what way can a client customize the CRM audit trail either by integrating with a third party tool or implementing other compensatory control to ensure non-repudiation of users' activities on the CRM? Can 2FA (token/OTP: what you have) be integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM at login or IP translation happen in some way via integration with other solutions, etc.

Need direction on how to achieve this please.